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Seasonal Activities

The start of every season is always something to celebrate. At Life's a Hoot, we want you to celebrate with your family in an accessible, inclusive environment. That's why we run seasonal activities in King of Prussia, Pennsylvania, and surrounding areas.

A Great Alternative to Standard Day Trips

Instead of going out of your way to an expensive amusement park, take your loved ones to a convenient location right in your community. This allows you to cut down on travel distance, which leaves more time for fun! We feature Halloween events in fall, Christmas events in winter, and exciting superhero and game themes for spring and summer. The cost of this service is $7.00 for 2 hours of fun! We offer a wide variety of fun activities for folks with special needs, no age limit, and no special needs children from 5-12.

What the Day Looks Like

Every half an hour the activity that we are doing changes. We like to start off playing music, dancing, and face painting, with the opportunity to do a craft. Next, we serve drinks. Afterwards you'll play two rounds of bingo and, to wrap it up, we'll tell a holiday story. We are going to keep you engaged and nobody is going to be bored because the time goes right along. The definition of fun is enjoyment, entertainment, amusement, and pleasure. And that is what we are committed to.